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Posted Date 6/18/2020
Salary: $145,248.00 - $216,420.00 Annually
The City of Laguna Beach is excited to announce that we are now accepting resumes for the position of Director of Public Works. 
We are seeking an experienced, talented individual to fill this key executive leadership position. The Director of Public Works will report directly to the Assistant City Manager or City Manager, and will be responsible for supervising Public Works staff, including administrative and field staff.

Laguna Beach: With seven miles of City beaches and towering hills with captivating Pacific views, Laguna Beach residents enjoy some of the most stunning landscape in Southern California. Laguna Beach hosts millions of visitors to its world-famous arts festivals and beautiful beaches. Services provided to its resident population of approximately 24,000 include police, fire, marine safety, recreation, parks, public works, community development, parking, transit and animal control. The City of Laguna Beach operates under a council-manager form of government. Policy-making and legislative authority are vested in a five-person City Council. The City Manager carries out the policies and ordinances of the City Council, oversees the day-to-day operations of the City, and appoints department heads.

The Department: The Public Works Department is comprised of sixty employees in twelve divisions, including  Administration, Engineering, Fleet Maintenance, Park and Building Maintenance, Street Maintenance, Utility Undergrounding, Solid Waste, Street Lighting, Parking Management and Operations, Traffic, Parking and Signs Maintenance, Recreation and Social Services, and Transit.

The Mission of the Public Works Department is to preserve, maintain, enhance the City's infrastructure and natural resources, and provide services and environmental stewardship for the benefits of Laguna Beach residents, businesses and visitors.

In addition to the minimum qualifications listed below, the ideal candidate will possess:
  • Strong leadership, team building, and organizational skills
  • Experience meeting and speaking publicly with City stakeholders, City Council and the general public
  • The knowledge, skills, and experience to assist with managing the scope of activities existing in a city
  • The ability to enjoy the challenge of effectively managing a demanding workload of quickly shifting priorities, and assume ownership of key priorities and projects
  • Exceptional customer service skills, interpersonal verbal and written communication skills  
  • The ability to engage the community and inspire consensus when needed

To Be Considered: To apply for this exceptional career opportunity, please submit a cover letter of interest, comprehensive resume, and five professional references (who will not be contacted until after a mutual interest is established) to:

City of Laguna Beach, Human Resources Division
Attn: Tiffany Bates
505 Forest Avenue
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Phone: (949) 497-0311

Candidates are encouraged to apply by Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Electronic Submittals are Preferred

Selection: The selection process will include a structured panel interview and may include other testing components designed to predict a candidate's success in this position. 

Pre-Placement: The selected candidate must successfully pass a thorough police and management background check with the Laguna Beach Police Department, a fingerprint check with the State Department of Justice, and a pre-placement physical and drug test.


Examples of Duties


Plans, assigns, controls and supervises the operations of the department; presents and explains new and revised programs to the City Council, Commissions, and professional/community groups; directs project development and implementation; oversees contract development and administration; establishes and maintains liaisons with other City departments, contractors and agencies regarding major projects and programs; develops and implements strategic plans for infrastructure development and maintenance; performs and delegates authority to managers and supervisors to engage in employment activities related to hiring, promotion, transfer, training, discipline, and termination; evaluates performance and conducts performance evaluations; develops, administers, and controls departmental budget; prepares and reviews requests for council action, studies, contracts and correspondence; encourages and delivers quality customer service; provides advice and technical assistance to the City Manager and Assistant City Manager as needed on Public Works matters; develops a 10 year capital improvement program and budget.  These duties are provided as examples of the essential types of work performed by this position. The City, at its discretion, may add, modify, change or rescind work assignments as needed.


Minimum Qualifications


Any combination demonstrating the ability to effectively and successfully perform the duties of the position is considered qualifying.  A typical combination is as follows:
Education:  A Bachelor's Degree in engineering from an accredited college or university. Registration as a professional civil engineer in the State of California is desirable. A Master's degree is highly desirable.
License/Certificate Requirements: Due to the performance of some field duties, which may require the operation of a personal or City vehicle, a valid California Driver's license and an acceptable driving record are required.
Experience:  At least five years of experience in public sector management, preferably in Public Works Management with experience in professional civil engineering involving contracts administration, projects management and supervisory experience.


Supplemental Information


Knowledge of: Principles and practices of Public Works operations; organization management and development; principles and practices of staff supervision and motivation; personnel rules and regulations; effective contract administration; applied labor relations; departmental rules and regulations; legislation impacting Public Works development, maintenance and operation; budget development, administration and control; principles and practices of quality customer service; timely planning, coordination and completion of public works projects and the development and management of a Capital Improvements Program;  the use of a PC and applicable software  

Ability to:  Plan, organize and direct the activities of employees performing a variety of functions such as engineering, maintenance, etc.; administer and manage a large operating department; perform hiring authority responsibilities; prepare, administer and control a budget; work as a team member; deliver quality customer service; make field inspections, respond to time constraints, coordinate and organize several people and activities; analyze and interpret a variety of data sources and materials; communicate positively, effectively and tactfully verbally and in writing with a variety of individuals, including the general public, elected and appointed officials and staff at all levels of government; prepare clear, concise, and grammatically correct records, correspondence and reports; maintain effective working relationships with others; operate or learn to use a variety of computer applications; sit, reach, twist, lean, stand, operate a computer keyboard, lift files and reports from counter tops or file drawers, withstand exposure to vibration, pitch and glare from a computer.  Incumbent must be able to see and hear in normal range with or without correction and communicate verbally and in writing; exercise considerable independent judgment in planning and coordinating daily activities.

Physical, Mental and Environmental Working Conditions:  Work is performed in a variety of environmental conditions, although it is performed primarily in an office environment.  There is exposure to temperature variations, noise, vibrations, fumes, odors and dust.  Physical demands require bending, stooping, standing and walking.  Mental demands require the use of written and oral communication skills; reading and interpretation of data, information and documents; analysis and solving of problems; use of math and mathematical reasoning; observation and interpretation of situations; learning and applying new information or new skills; working under deadlines with constant interruptions; interacting with City staff and other organizations; and may involve dealing with dissatisfied or quarrelsome individuals.




Pay Plan: The salary ranges are composed of a high and low point, as approved by the City Council and granted by the City Manager. All management positions are designated as "at will" employees with no specified term or guarantee of continued employment.

Salary Adjustments: July 1, 2021 - 2.5%

Deferred Compensation: Management employees receive a City-paid contribution of two percent (2%) of base salary towards a Deferred Compensation Program.

Exceptional Performance Pay: Management employees are eligible to receive up to five percent (5%) of base salary in the form of exceptional performance pay. An additional five percent (5%) shall be available for one (1) year or longer at the discretion of the City Manager.

Certification/Education Incentives: Both the Police Chief and Fire Chief are eligible to receive 5% in certification and education incentives.  

Automobile Allowance: Eligible employees may receive up to four hundred dollars ($400) per month for an automobile allowance.

Physical Examination: The City will reimburse management employees three hundred dollars ($300) each year for expenses incurred for a general examination to determine physical fitness. The first reimbursement shall not occur until at least two (2) years after the employee's pre-employment physical exam.

Vacation: Management employees shall accrue vacation leave with pay as follows:
0 to 9 years of service - 17 days
10 + years of service - 22 days

Management employees with ten years or more of related public sector experience, may be eligible to accrue vacation leave at the rate of 22 days per year, subject to the City Manager's approval.    

There are two vacation banks. Vacation accrued prior to June 24, 2013 may be paid at the straight time hourly equivalent salary rate in lieu of time off at the employee's rate of pay as of June 23, 2013. Vacation accrued on or after June 24, 2013 is subject to a 400 hour cap. Any vacation accrual above 400 hours will be paid each December at the straight time hourly equivalent salary rate in lieu of time off. Aside from the December pay-out, vacation time may be paid at the above-noted rates in lieu of time off with the Department Head and City Manager's approval. ** Vacation accrued through June 30, 2022, is subject to a 600 hour cap. **

Sick: Every management employee shall accrue sick leave time at the rate of eighty (80) hours per year. Unused sick leave may be accumulated without limit. Use of accrued sick leave is permitted in accordance with Federal and State laws to care for an ill parent, spouse or child.

Payment for Unused Sick Leave: There are three sick leave banks with varying cash-out rates as follows:

1. Sick leave earned before June 13, 1988 ("old" sick leave) - 50% rate of pay as of June 23, 2013;

2. Sick leave earned June 13, 1988 through June 23, 2013 - 100% rate of pay as of June 23, 2013;

3. Sick leave earned on or after June 24, 2013 - 50% rate of pay.
Sick leave earned in the second bank must be used before the other two sick leave banks.

Holidays: Management employees receive ten (10) paid holidays per year.

Holidays falling on a Saturday will be observed on the preceding Friday. Holidays falling on a Sunday will be observed the following Monday.

Employees who work an alternate work schedule, e.g. 9/80 plan: When a holiday falls on a regularly scheduled day off, the first workday following the observed holiday shall be deemed a holiday.

Administrative: Management employees are eligible for up to ten (10) days of paid administrative leave as granted by the City Manager.

Bereavement: Employees will be paid twenty-four (24) hours per incident (forty- eight (48) hours maximum per year) for the death or terminal illness of an immediate family member of the employee, the employee's spouse or domestic partner.


Non-Safety Management Employees:

Management Employees Hired Prior to January 1, 2013 are under the California Public Employees Retirement System ("CalPERS") two and one- half percent at fifty-five (2.5% @ 55) defined benefit plan. The following optional benefits are in effect: One (1) Year Final Compensation, Service Credit for Unused Sick Leave and the 1959 Survivors Benefit Level IV.

Effective July 1, 2015 - employees pay the full eight percent (8%) member contribution.

In accordance with The California Pension Reform Act of 2013 (PEPRA), the following retirement benefits are available to management employees hired on or after January 1, 2013 as follows:

Existing, or "Classic" Management Employees employees hired on or after January 1, 2013 who are determined to be existing or "classic" members of CalPERS shall be under the CalPERS two and one-half percent at fifty-five (2.5% @ 55) defined benefit plan. The following optional benefits are in effect: One (1) Year Final Compensation, Service Credit for Unused Sick Leave and the 1959 Survivors Benefit Level IV. Effective July 1, 2015  employees pay the full eight percent (8%) member contribution.

"New" Members - management employees hired on or after January 1, 2013 who are "new" CalPERS members or who have been out of the CalPERS system for six (6) months or longer shall be covered by the CalPERS two percent at sixty-two (2% @ 62) defined benefit plan. The following optional benefits are in effect: Three (3) Years Final Compensation, Service Credit for Unused Sick Leave and the 1959 Survivors Benefit Level

IV. "New" members will be required to contribute at least fifty percent (50%) of the total normal cost of their retirement benefit. Currently this rate is expected to be six and one quarter percent (7.25%) of pensionable income.

Safety Management Employees:

Police Chiefs hired before April 2, 2012, and Fire Chiefs hired before October 17, 2011, are covered by the 3% @ 50 formula provided for by the Public Employees' Retirement Law at Government Code section 21362.2.

Police Chiefs hired on or after April 2, 2012, and Fire Chiefs hired on or after October 17, 2011, and who do not meet the definition of "new members" as defined by the Public Employees' Pension Reform Act of 2013 (PEPRA), are covered by the 3% @ 55 formula provided for by the Public Employees' Retirement Law at Government Code section 21363.1.

Employees subject to the 3%@50 and 3%@55 Formulas contribute the entire required member contribution of nine percent (9%) of compensation earnable, and an additional three percent (3%) of compensation earnable of the required employer contribution as cost sharing for a total of twelve percent (12%) of compensation earnable for retirement contributions.

Unit members hired on or after January 1, 2013 who are defined as "new members" under the PEPRA, are covered by the 2.7% @ 57 formula provided for by the Public Employees' Retirement Law at Government Code section 7522.25(d). These employees pay the statutorily mandated employee contribution rate of one half of the total normal cost as set forth on the CalPERS annual rate sheet.

Please reference the CalPERS website,, for an explanation of benefits.

Health: City pays one hundred percent (100%) for employee only coverage. City pays ninety percent (90%) for dependent coverage with the employee responsible for the remaining ten percent (10%). The City's maximum contribution for premium sharing is limited to the amount contributed by the City for the HMO family rate. Medical and Dental coverage is provided for domestic partners.

Medical and Dental coverage is offered for eligible retired employees who elect this option. The employee is responsible for the entire premium. Employees must work for the City for five years in order to be eligible to access the City's retiree health plan program.

A medical insurance waiver program is available for employees covered by medical insurance other than the City's medical insurance. The program pays sixty percent (60%) of the monthly HMO employee only rate on a bi- weekly basis.

RHS: The City, on the employee's behalf, will contribute one hundred dollars ($100) per month to a Retirement Health Savings Plan (RHS) managed by the International City Management Association (ICMA). Aside from "old" sick leave, all accrued sick leave will be deposited into the employee's RHS account upon retirement from City service at the rates identified above under "Payment of Unused Sick Leave". Additionally, subject to certain terms and conditions, employees may cash-in accrued sick leave into their RHS accounts twice a year.

Life Insurance: A fifty thousand-dollar ($50,000) group term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy is provided.

Disability: Long Term Disability insurance coverage consists of sixty percent (60%) of the first five thousand ($5,000) of monthly salary after the employee's sick leave is exhausted and a sixty (60) calendar day elimination period has been satisfied.

Employee Assistance Program: The City contracts with an Employee Assistance Program which provides confidential counseling and referrals to employees and their families, free of charge.

Education Reimbursement Program: The City administers an educational reimbursement program for eligible employees. Reimbursement is limited to one thousand dollars ($1,000) per fiscal year and eligible expenses. The program is subject to budgetary constraints.

Work Schedule: City Hall is currently operating on a 9/80 work schedule. Other work schedules may be available including, but not limited to, a 4/10, 5/8 or other work schedule as may suit the operational needs of the City. Alternate work schedules are subject to City Manager approval.

Parking Permits: Management employees will receive a Shopper Parking Permit free of charge.

Expenses: Employees are eligible for an annual budget of $1,300 for conference and training expenses.

Cell Phone Stipend: Management cell phone stipends are $80/month.
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