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City of Dallas | Dallas, TX

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Posted Date 5/24/2022


The Surveyor for the department of Public Works performs highly skilled and professional surveying work for the City of Dallas. Performs surveys, reviews, evaluates, and monitors field data, prepares legal related documents, and assists all City of Dallas departments with survey related issues.

Essential Functions


Provides and gives senior technical review of documents submitted by external and internal licensed surveyors; reviews, evaluates, and monitors comments on the Dallas Development Code, Texas Local Government Code, Rules and Regulations of Land Surveying, and Survey Checklist; researches historical surveying and engineering records and ensures all surveying work is done correctly.

2 Coordinates, collaborates, and communicates with other City of Dallas Departments regarding projects and survey related work; maintains strong and transparent communication with external customers regarding status of projects.

3 Reviews, checks, and monitors that Plats and Field Notes are in compliance with City, and State rules and regulation, and that they follow land surveying common standard of practice; addresses and identifies issues and discrepancies.

4 Prepares and reviews field survey data setup and reduction, property records research and compilation, boundary resolution; produces and develops drawings and descriptions for boundary-descriptive documents, property line resolutions, easements, plat and condemnation plat documents, and metes and bounds.

5 Provides technical assistance to crews, solves complex mathematical equations, interprets land laws and statutes; and generally oversees the work done for various City departments. Assigns work, provides training, evaluates performance, and manages equipment used to complete work.

6 Trains, educates, and develops new survey personnel to ensure all work is done efficiently and effectively.

7 Reviews and evaluates budget proposals and contracts; ensures work and necessary projects fit into the budget and resource allocations.

8 Performs any and all other work as needed or assigned.


Minimum Qualifications



  • Registered Professional Land Surveyor in Texas.
  • Valid driver's license with good driving record.


  • Supervisory experience.
  • Platting, field surveying, and research skills.
  • Experience with and knowledge of the City of Dallas, Public Works Survey Division Survey Records Vault.



Supplemental Information

Knowledge and Skills

  1. Knowledge of land surveying, land platting and related land development work.
  2. Knowledge of project management methods and practices.
  3. Knowledge and application of the law as regards land surveying in Texas.
  4. Ability to perform Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry for boundary calculations.
  5. Ability to communicate and understand technical standards and principles.
  6. Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
  7. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

The salary listed on this job posting is the starting salary range; amount offered will depend upon qualifications. 

$70,081.00 - $87,601.00 Annually
 For evaluation purposes, acceptable qualifying experience for all positions must have been in a paid capacity unless noted otherwise in the minimum qualifications for the posted position.
 Additionally, 30+ hours per week will be counted as full-time employment and will receive full credit for the amount of time employed.  A minimum of 15 through 29 work hours per week will be counted as part-time employment and will receive half credit for the amount of time employed. 


Job Category
Local Government
Career Level
Mid Level

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